Onion machines

Three meter front windrower & haulm topper UM-UR back

The three meter wide combined windrower and haulm toper UM-UR 300 Front is suitable for harvesting beds with a width of 3 meters. It is also possible to top and lift 2 x 150 cm beds in a single pass. All this can be done using a tractor mounted on wide wheels.

The UM-UR 300 Front has two short rotating lifting shafts, on the left and right, and two short webs that carry and clean the product to the centre of the tractor. The main harvester at the back picks up the crop and deposits them in a single swath.When working with such a combination a front linkage with high lifting capacity is required.


  • higher efficiency
  • more yield when growing 3 meter beds
  • no need to replace standard tractor wheels with row crop wheels