Storing systems

Machinery for the storage of vegetable crops, handling equipment, ventilation systems and solutions for agricultural processors.

Receiving hopper Receiving Hopper RH 20 Combi / RH 24 Combi back
Receiving Hopper RH 20 Combi / RH 24 Combi

The RH 20 Combi and RH 24 Combi are machines of modular design. They impress with their variety of options, enabling them to meet a wide range of requirements. The design of the hopper floor, its active pocket sealing, the cleaning unit and the infinite drive are standard in this machine. In this way high output is combined with extremely gentle crop handling. The crop flows from the PU coil unit onto two 72 cm wide picking belts, which give space for up to 8 pickers. Depending on the requirements as regards accuracy of grading and gentle crop handling, the Combi can be combined with a web grader or a one- or two-stage coil unit.